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"Val was a constant source of information, love and support during my pregnancy. She was warm and caring to both my husband and I as well as our families. I had a very intense labor experience and Val was there every step of the way; helping my husband and I stay focused. She also tended to our families; offering to get coffee and snacks during what felt like the longest night of our lives. I was very fortunate to have Val there when I gave birth; the experience would not have been the same without her."

- Gen & Rob Moskol

"Once we met Valerie, we knew she was the perfect doula for us. Her warm and cheery personality made us feel comfortable right from the very start, and she showed a genuine concern and commitment to the fathers, mothers and babies she had helped deliver. Valerie was very involved in helping us prepare for the labor and delivery and was a great asset to us as we developed our birth plan. She exhibited a great deal of knowledge of both the medical procedures and alternative pain-relief measures and was always available to answer all of our questions. Throughout the labor and delivery, Valerie was encouraging and supportive of the both of us and helped keep us calm and focused. Valerie helped make the birth of our daughter a special memory and even presented us with the first pictures of our daughter as she came into the world. We are so happy we decided to have Valerie as our doula and are proud to considered her a friend."

- Keith and Karina Cochran

"I was inspired by my oldest sister to seek out a doula. Most of my friends just scheduled a C section and I was very uncomfortable with that, so I turned to my sister for advice. This was my first pregnancy, so naturally, I was a little nervous. I wanted to educate myself about my options. I was referred to Valerie by my obstetrician, Dr. Robert Biter. He felt we would be a good match!

I truly feel I was able to do a drug free delivery because of the help of my doula and my husband by my side. We feel Valerie made the day special. She was a great help and kept us calm. It was an empowering experience to feel supported and get strength from within. What a great entryway into parenthood".

- Alessondra Bojador

"As a midwife, I know how important it is to have a loving, strong, constant presence with a laboring woman throughout her labor. Often, a laboring mother and her partner work well together alone. There are other times when both look to others for support, especially as each becomes fatigued after the first few hours of hard labor. Many women who deliver in the hospital believe that their nurse, doctor or midwife will be by their side helping them through their labor, but are often disappointed by the reality that these providers have other women to care for and usually are not able to provide the constant support that so many laboring women, and their partners crave.

Valerie was there for me for both of my labors. She came to my homebirth when I labored with my son, and stayed positive when I felt that I could not go on. With my second birth, I needed to deliver my daughter in the hospital. I knew who to call on to provide my husband and I with the support that we wanted to have available to us. I knew that this was going to be my last labor and delivery and I wanted it to be a good one and it was. Thank you again Val!"

- Kathy Cassidy, CNM